Bringing the outside in and inside out

The Challenge:


When the Rahman family decided to bring the outdoors inside and the indoors outside, they turned to Dan Fortunato, principal at Fortunato Architecture to help them.

The Solution:


In order to take advantage of a long backyard with a beautiful view, the current living area was dramatically transformed through the addition of a 1,600 square foot deck, an in-ground pool, as well as an entertainment ready patio with a built in outdoor kitchen.

To meet the requirement of bringing the the outside in, Daniel Fortunato replaced the existing double hung windows, with four two story windows at the corners of the great room.

Some of the additions and alterations required a high degree of technical know how and the application of clever solutions.  For example, because the outdoor deck was constructed at a second level, a Trex rain escape system was incorporated to protect the entertainment area below the deck. A Trex spiral staircase was also installed to provide access to the entertainment and low voltage ground lighting.

On windy days, the original windows creaked; incorporated into the new windows design was a long, structural member to eliminate the movement that caused the creaking.

Future details will include decorative wood trusses across the ceiling as a unifying element between the natural world and the built environment, as well as to to help stabilize the existing structure.

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