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This project in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey, was a unique and exciting transformation of a one-story house into a two-story Craftsman style home.

The homeowner wanted to add more living space to the property, as well as shield the house from flooding, and the solution was to lift the one-story house.  A new foundation was installed. A second floor with bedrooms, and a habitable attic bonus room was added. The result was a stunning architectural work that increased the value of the property and provided the homeowner with the additional living space they desired.

The first step in the transformation process was to lift the one-story house. This was a precise operation that required the expertise of skilled professionals. The house was lifted using hydraulic jacks, and the new foundation was built underneath using Helical piles and concrete grade beams. Once the new foundation was in place, the construction of the second floor began. The second floor was designed to include three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a spacious living area. The first floor was converted from its original design to an open floor plan with kitchen and family room.

Point Pleasant Beach NJ home renovation

The final step in the transformation process was the construction of the habitable attic. The attic was designed to be a spacious bonus room area with large windows that provided substantial natural light and a balcony to see the ocean.  

The transformation of the one-story house into a two-story Craftsman has been a success, and the result is a beautiful and functional home that meets the homeowner’s needs.

 This home renovation project in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey, was a fantastic example of how a one-story house can be transformed into a two-story masterpiece with the right planning and execution.

If you’re considering a similar transformation for your home, consider working with the skilled architectural designers at Fortunato Architecture, who can help bring your vision to life.

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point-pleasant-beach-nj-framing.jpg<br />
point-pleasant-beach-nj-framing.jpg<br />

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